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Love, love, love these pillowcases!
Both my husband and I have had to deal with bedhead everyday for years. I would help him by wetting his hair each day to try to get rid of the squashed areas and new parts he achieved while sleeping. Now we both get up and simply brush our hair and go. These pillow cases are smooth and cool to the touch so our heads do not get hot at night and most importantly, our hair is not crushed and misshapen every morning.
I cannot say enough about the positive difference these cases made for our sleep comfort and our normal hair appearance. Worth every penny!

-- 07/01/2022

James Knight

Worth it, especially if you have curly hair
I have long curly hair and using a silk pillow case was recommended to me by a friend to help fight knots. I'm happy I listened and chose this product when I did. It is recommended you hand wash it but it can be washed in a machine under the delicate settings, regardless of how you wash it you need to hang dry it so keep that in mind. I don't know for certain but I imagine that is the case for most silk products.

-- 06/02/2022


Very nice
I love silk sheets in general and these are very good ones.
They are soft, comfortable and smooth. the feel is very nice.
They are slippery, which i am ok with.
As for value for money, I would say it depends on who you are. for me, it was enough. but in general, I think that the feel of these silk sheets versus some of the better cotton sheets I bought, does not justify the price difference. while it was worth it for me, I am not sure it would be worth it for others.

-- 06/24/2022

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